Rapid DataStage Upgrade

IBM's officially-endorsed path to upgrading your DataStage environment.


Automate Upgrades to
IBM Information Server v11.7

IBM's new offering addresses common
customer anxieties when upgrading...

  • schedule

    Can’t size effort.
    Assuming it's huge.

    Rapid sizing with DataStage project auto-analysis, at no charge to you.

  • not_listed_location

    Don’t know where to start.
    No roadmap.

    DataStage project analysis auto-generates a task backlog.

  • build

    Expecting most of the
    effort to be manual.

    Migration & upgrade are automated up to integration testing.

  • done_all

    Current tests hard to repeat,
    and coverage is insufficient.

    Auto-create unit tests & synthetic data. Bulk regression test.

  • fiber_new

    Worth it just to get to
    a new IIS version?

    Experience ETL DevOps with Git, automated test, build, and deploy.

  • pan_tool

    Assuming long code
    freeze to allow go-live

    Auto-sync and auto-test legacy changes to target. Enable a project-by-project go live.

  • Software and Services Package

    Our no-charge online upgrade assessment performs a detailed, automated analysis of your DataStage solutions to identify any potential challenges in your upgrade process.

    • straighten


      Evidence-based estimates of upgrade duration, costs, and approach.

    • settings_applications


      Automation of the upgrade steps, including the creation of a full regression test suite, enabling integration testing within days.

    • sync


      Repeatable processes, supporting a Project-by-Project go-live through continuous integration and deployment (DevOps for ETL)

    • control_camera


      Flexible month-by-month subscription to the offering's software and elite services.

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  • IBM Virtual Community Day:
    Business Ready Data For AI

    See our presentation from IBM Virtual Community Day 2019 where we showcase the Continuous Delivery techniques used by IBM's Rapid DataStage Upgrade offering to dramatically accelerate your upgrade journey.

    Get Started

Three Steps to 11.7 Heaven...

Get started today, with our self-service portal...

  • Step 1

    Step 1. Gather answers to a few simple questions and auto-analyze your project to identify any areas of complexity. Start at

  • Step 2

    Step 2.Receive from IBM a rapid, evidence-based estimate of effort and pricing as a response to your submission.

  • Step 3

    Step 3.Begin planning your successful upgrade!